1. percentile.
2. period.
3. person.

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1. Period
2. Person

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per «puhr; stressed pur», preposition.
1. for each; for every: »

a pint of milk per child, ten cents per pound.

2. by; by means of; through: »

I send this per my son.

3. according to: »

per invoice.

[< Latin per through, on account of]
Usage Per is used chiefly in business or technical English: »

per capita, per cent, $50 per week, revolutions per minute.

In general English it is usually avoided: »

$50 a week, eight hours a day.

1. throughout; thoroughly; utterly; very: »

Perfervid = very fervid. Peruse = use (i.e., read) thoroughly.

2. Chemistry. a) the maximum or a large amount of, as in peroxide. b) having the indicated element in its highest or a high valence, as in perchloric acid.
[< Latin per- < per]
1. period.
2. person.

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